Lisa Olson Music // LIV

You can find my debut album, Liv, on iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby.


Right brain, Left brain. Analyst by day, artist by night. A list of contradictions. Hi, I’m Lisa.

I grew up a happy little musical theater kid in San Diego, CA and was quite decent if I do say so myself. My parents decided it would be ‘practical’ for me to study business in college, and I willingly obliged. Unable to kick my love for singing and music, I got a guitar my senior year of college. I built up some calluses and have had a guitar with me ever since. I continue to be a happy student soaking up a large anthology of great music I missed in my earlier years.

A diverse mix of life experience is reflected in the non-genre specific music I write and perform. My first album, LIV, is a lovely collection of influences from the journey that is life- from my number one gal, Ella Fitzgerald, to living in Norway for two years to a month walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago to my reverence of the complete musicianship of bluegrass…. it has all left a mark on me and is reflected in my songwriting. Liv means ‘life’ in Norwegian and is my middle name. I immediately knew it would be the album title- an album that reflects my life experience, and, itself is a notable personal life achievement. Indeed, LIV is a bit of a smorgasbord, and that makes me happy. A list of contradictions…. I hope you enjoy.

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